About me

It is difficult to write one’s life and live it at the same time … But you can at least try a small summary! And for those who want to know more, a longer version will be available soon


I was born from two parents from former Yugoslavia who lived a bohemian life while having an exceptional career with more than 400 exhibitions in 38 countries of the World.

All my childhood takes place in a bubble of magic filled by celebrations, music and artistic encounters.

By contrast, my first contact with primary school is a shock: I understand that there is a world where love and freedom are not an every day evidence. I adapt as best I can to this new environment, which, however, makes me discover literature and philosophy, to which I feel attracted almost irresistibly.

I do a hypokhâgne and a khâgne at Lycée Molière in Paris before obtaining a DEUG in history and modern letters, then a degree in philosophy.

Meanwhile, my family is going through terrible hardships linked to the war in the former Yugoslavia. Since my father was of Bosnian origin and my mother was of Croatian origin, they get involved into the crisis at the beginning of the 1990s and start using humanitarian aid and art to make Western opinion more aware of what is happening in this part of the world .

The fact that concentration camps are re-emerging in the heart of Europe is causing me a shock of conscience. I direct my research into political philosophy, specifically onto the issue of collective psychology. My work aims at demonstrating how most of the revolutions that punctuated the history of humanity merely reproduced in a different form the same unconscious patterns of alienation between the group and the leader, and how this relation of Dependence has hitherto always prevented the development of individual autonomy and collective intelligence on a large scale.

In 2001, I obtain a master’s degree in philosophy before starting a thesis the following year. I continue to develop my analysis using an epistemological approach to analyze how the whole history of thought is determined by limiting paradigms that prevent the human mind from having a direct grasp of the nature of reality. I obtain my Doctorate of Philosophy in 2006 with a Very Honorable mention at the University Paris X.

Nevertheless, the trials related to the war were too much to bear for my mother and she dies in 2002. This loss will have a deep impact on me. Since she died of a cancer she contracted at a time when she was in deep psychological distress, I develop a strong interest in psychosomatic and I write my first essay published in 2005.

This book is based on worlwide cancer statistics and aims to prove that the onset of this disease can not be explained if one does not take into account the relationship between the body and the mind of the patient. Specifically, I try to demonstrate how most degenerative disorders find their cause (and their healing) in the unconscious conflicts that individuals develop and that the body somatizes to free itself from stress.

Meanwhile, I develop my first websites from 1998 for artists, which leads me to become a web consultant from 2005 in parallel of my studies.

I also work as webdesigner and illustrator and I regularly publish articles for different reviews of philosophy.
From 2008 to 2011, I work as a consultant for various organizations such as the European Institute of Practical Philosophy and for human resource companies.

Firmly persuaded that the place of philosophy is within the City, I feel the need to connect to real life problems of the world in order to be less of a thinker and more of a maker.

Entrepreneurship gives me the opportunity. In 2011, I create MyJobCompany with my two partners Grégory Herbé and Cédric Cohen-Lemberg. As Director of Innovation, I design a recruitment tool that combines an algorithm focused on soft and hard skills and referrals.

3 years later, MyJobCompany has 100,000 social headhunters and 600 customers worldwide, thus becoming the leader in the social recruitment market.

Aware that the revolution we want to bring to human resources will only succeed if it is carried by a broad alliance of actors, I then cofound the Lab RH (RH Lab) in 2015 with Jérémy Lamri, CEO of Monkey tie.

The Lab RH experiences a rapid growth and, a year and a half later, it brings together more than 350 HR startups and 30 major groups. The goal of this coalition is to make the transformation of companies successful, to develop happiness at work and to promote the emergence of a society where human fulfillment would become the primary concern.

Finally, since I am convinced that all these changes will only happen on condition that the current political models undergo a radical change, I launch CollectivZ in 2016. Driven by a network of innovators, CollectivZ uses function as a reality game in distributed intelligence. This is an open source initiative in order to give birth to a new form of organization.

Today, I define myself as an evangelist and a maker in the field of collective intelligence. I devote all my energy to fostering its emergence in the digital age through collaborative models in the field of education, Economy and politics.

However, all the projects I have helped to launch are growing today only because they are supported by beings whom I have had the chance to cross the path and who have believed in the vision of something better.

I feel a deep gratitude because life has connected me to those individuals who can make things happen. Today, I can finally feel useful at a time when humanity is undergoing a decisive transformation.

I am convinced that change is possible. But it requires an investment of every moment to prevent the forms of the past from reinjecting into the horizon that opens to us.